Sunday, June 28, 2020

Nectarine Nuggets of Mahaaguru - 543

Presently we have come to a pilgrim centre. However, we have brought another Kshetra along with us. That is our own body! Without the accompaniment of this kshetra we can never visit any pilgrim center. This body is called by the name kshetra as is clear from the sloka "idam shareeram kaunteya kshetram ityabhidheeyate". The kshetrajna (Jiva – the lord of the body) resides here and Paramaatma (the Supreme Lord) stays along with the kshetrajna. Thus we bring with us Paramaatma, kshetrajna and kshetra and we call the external sacred land, which is a representation of these, also a kshetra. 


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