Friday, May 15, 2020

Nectarine Nuggets of Mahaaguru - 499

With the intention of building the house on a perfectly flat plane the architect had erected two pillars and placed a beam over them. The house so built was no doubt uniform and safe too. Now, when we inspect the house it is found that the beam has slipped and the ground has turned uneven. We may wonder and comment: "People say that the house was built by an expert architect; then why is it in this condition?" Actually, over a period of time, the ground under the pillar has given way due to termites. The present condition of the house is because of the fault in the ground (Kṣétra) and not because of the architect. In the same way, it is our flaw in spoiling the condition of our Kṣétra (body) and not that of the Maharṣi̅s who have bestowed the Śāstras on us.

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