Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Nectarine Nuggets of Mahaaguru - 482

The Life of Maharṣis is filled with bliss; it is wholesome. It is no doubt quite different from many other ways of life; that is why this hilarious remark: That is why it was said "Murāri! Ninnadé mu̅rané dāri (Murāri! Yours is a special third route)". Yes, true; theirs is the third path beyond the two routes of virtue and vice! If this path is adhered to and followed, the Ji̅vana (life) of Maharṣis would be available. I will explain. People need some work to do. So, they spend their money on gambling pursuits like horse racing. Just as detailed advertisements are exhibited encouraging the betting process promoting one horse or the other - "bet on this horse, it will win or bet on that horse, that will win" , we declare that we should work for our winning horse "Satyaméva Jayaté"! Participating in this type of 'gambling' is for the sake of repaying our debts to the Ṛṣi̅s. The advertisers for snuff initially distribute free samples. The very next day people go in search of them! While this is pleasant to the nose, what we offer is the one which gives eternal ecstasy to our lives. Stating this after experiencing the joy is indeed Śāstra. Actually, everyone is carrying all aspects of Śāstra on one's own back.

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