Saturday, March 28, 2020

Nectarine Nuggets of Mahaaguru - 451

Having taken birth at the top of the lofty mountains, carrying only the icy waters in the purest form without the contact of soil, river Gangā descends from the celestial to the terrestrial plane. On reaching the earth, it picks up the heat and odour from a Sulphur-rich region and from another, the chill; in one place it is seen as pure white while in another it looks black – thus it exhibits varied properties according to the qualities of the terrain through which it flows. In the same way, Jnana-Ganga too, according to its very nature starts from the most elevated place and endeavors to manifest its true self, cascading down the seven regions and flowing to the rhythm of the resounding beats. Whenever an opportunity is presented, it continues to transform those regions and countries into holy lands.  

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