Friday, August 14, 2020

Nectarine Nuggets of Mahaaguru - 590

Special training is required to view and understand the sculptures. If you are asked: "Did you see that aero-plane?" you may say "Yes, I saw". That is a superficial view. However to know its mechanism, special training is essential. In the same way, deep insight is vital to understand both the body and (its representation) the temple. Here there is a feast for the eyes; the sweet fragrance emanating from the flower decorating the idol is for the nose; the prasaada is for the tongue. Thus things for sense and organs for action are found; at the same time, there also exist things related to the Gods and the Self (Daivika and adhyaatmika). One gets a comprehensive picture if only both are viewed as interconnected after a thorough analysis. 


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