Saturday, August 8, 2020

Nectarine Nuggets of Mahaaguru - 584

When somebody says "Take this tender coconut" while handing it over with its shell and fibre, you should not sink your teeth into the fibre and ask where is the coconut water? Coconut water cannot be given directly; a vessel is required to hold it. The shell is only a holder-biting it for water only exposes our foolishness! The tender-coconut water can be given in a man-made vessel, no doubt. But Nature is offering it along with a vessel. Remember, the pilgrim centres are the vessels. Don't chew them and pass criticism that they contain nothing. Look at the essence contained in those centres - the nectar which alleviates the miseries of life. Those who do not perceive the nectar provided by the Maharshis begin to make all sorts of rash comments. 


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