Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sriranga Mahaguru - Nectarine Nuggets

While seeking the bride, the boy's father solicits: "Kindly bestow your daughter to us for lighting the lamp of our house". Which is the 'light' implied here? If it is merely the external one, then a maiden is not needed! Even the marriage is not required for that purpose. It would be enough to employ a servant to turn on the switch!! But here the light that is to be lit is the Inner one. Therefore even in Gṛha-Pravesá    (as  a  part  of  a  marriage  celebration),  lamps are illuminated (as a representative of the inner Light) serially from the entrance up to the Prayer room. It is the Adhyātma-Dīpa that should ever be gleaming everywhere; that alone should be shining.

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